Brewery Application

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Upper Left Beerfest has been cancelled for 2020.

Please Stay Safe & Drink Local. We’re excited to see everyone in 2021.

Interested in participating as a brewery/cidery at the Upper Left Beerfest?


Before completing the application below, we ask you to read the following information as this will be your agreement and will inform you of your responsibilities as a brewery/cidery and will explain what the Upper Left Beerfest will provide:

Brewery Responsibilities:

  1. There will be a $150 booth fee per brewery to attend event.  To reserve your space, upon completion of the electronic application the $150 booth fee will need to be paid electronically.
    • In lieu of the $150 booth fee breweries/cideries will have the option to donate 3 pony kegs
  2. Brewery will be responsible for transporting all beer/cider to/from event (Event will purchase all tapped kegs from brewery upon completion of event and will submit an invoice/inventory sheet upon arrival) *Event reserves the right to not tap kegs close to closing of event.
  3. Brewery will provide all necessary pouring equipment including: jockey box(es), cooling buckets, run-off buckets, etc.
  4. Brewery will provide pourers for duration of the day (event will supply volunteer pourers for brewer breaks)
  5. Brewery will provide logo for event to post on Upper Left Beerfest website upon acceptance of application
  6. Brewery will provide a list of items to be poured, including description, no later than 1-month prior to event for inclusion in event program (printed by event, deadline – July 15, If you do not submit, your beers will not be listed in the program)
  7. We ask that all brewers (if possible) bring 1/6 barrel pony kegs to ensure little to no waste post-event

Upper Left Beerfest Responsibilities/Provide:

  1. Upper Left Beerfest will purchase all tapped kegs from brewery/cidery (Upper Left Beerfest reserves the right to not tap kegs within 2 hours of closing (7pm) on Saturday, Aug. 15) and provide a check for total kegs used at end of event.
  2. Upper Left Beerfest will provide a 10×10 tent and one (1) 8-foot table (2 breweries per 10×10 tent and 8-foot table)
  3. Upper Left Beerfest will provide cold storage for kegs and ice throughout event for all brewers
  4. Upper Left Beerfest will provide tickets for collection, ticket collection bins, bottled water, etc. for brewers.

If you are still interested in participating in the Upper Left Beerfest, please fill out the below application. The first 30 breweries & cideries will be accepted.

The City of Everett

Upper Left Beerfest funding in part by City of Everett Hotel Motel Funds